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Shifting Shadows is a side-scrolling adventure game. You are a thief tasked with stealing from a wealthy keep, using your rare 'Shifter' powers to hide from patrolling guards.

A and D - Move the player.
Space - Shapeshift into an object to hide from guards.
W - Steal loot, when the indicator is shown.

+ Unity
+ Visual Studio
+ Photoshop
+ Beepbox

NOTE: The web build for Unity is broken, all of the sprites become white boxes. Please comment below if you know how to fix this. Thank you in advance!

[Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 35: Shapeshift]


Shifting Shadows - Windows Build 19 MB
Shifting Shadows - Unity Source Code 95 MB


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Did you mark the file as windows download? It says "not downloadable under windows" in my itch.io client. Downloading from here. :)

Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now.

Nice game!

Thanks! Yours too!